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o ya is a contemporary Japanese-inspired restaurant borne of years of extensive travel and work in Japan and all over the world. As the proprietors of o ya, James Beard Chef Tim and wife Nancy Cushman are moved by the hospitality of Japanese culture and the freshness, quality, and variety of Japanese food and sake.

reserve your omakase

o ya is able to accommodate parties of up to 6 guests. All parties larger than 6 guests require a full buyout of the restaurant in the form of a private event. For all private events inquiries, please email


Why do you use pre-paid reservations instead of regular reservations?

At o ya, we strive to create an intimate, serene environment for our guests. Prepaid reservations allow us to anticipate our guests’ needs and to give them a truly unique and curated omakase experience.

Why is an administrative charge added?

You will not receive a bill for the omakase at the conclusion of your dining experience and service is included. A 20% administrative charge is added at the time of purchase, which is not a gratuity, tip or service charge. 

Can I get a refund once purchased? Can I exchange my reservation for a different night?

No. Just as with attending a sporting event, concert or the theater, all sales are final. We cannot cancel your reservation or reschedule it for another night. If you cannot come, we recommend that you transfer your reservation to someone else.

Can I give my reservation away or sell it?

Yes. The reservation is completely transferable. Please note, however, that selling reservations for greater than face value may be illegal in your area. Anyone who purchases a reservation from another patron should take care to ensure that they have received a formal transfer of the reservation through the restaurant’s official website. Any reservations purchased on the secondary market are at the purchaser’s risk. We cannot accept responsibility for forgeries or misrepresentations.

How do I transfer my reservation?

To transfer a reservation, log in to your Tock account and then select, “Reservations”. Each reservation has a transfer button next to it.

When are reservations released?

Reservations are released 30 days in advance, one day at a time, at 12PM noon EST on Tock. Due to the limited capacity of our restaurant we do recommend scheduling reservations a full 30 days in advance! 

How do I set up a reservation for a party of 5 or 6 guests?

Due to the limited capacity of our restaurant we are only able to accommodate one party of 5-6 guests per evening. To make a reservation for this party size please select "Omakase Experience (option for Pescatarian, Vegetarian, or Vegan Menus)". The ONLY seating time we offer accommodations for a party of this size is 5:30PM.

We do not accept reservations for parties larger than 6 and we cannot merge multiple reservations into one larger reservation.

Can I bring my own alcohol to the restaurant?

No, bringing your own bottle of alcohol is prohibited by our City of Boston on-premise license.

What is the difference between Counter and Table seating?

Counter seating his high-top bar-style seating (stools without back support) with a view of the sushi chefs. Table seating is along one banquette that runs the span of the dining room. For those requiring back support, we encourage table seats.
If you require wheelchair access, please select Table reservation. The restaurant is fully ADA compliant. 

Can I request specific seats within the restaurant?

Here at o ya we will always do our best to consider special requests, however, given the limited capacity of our restaurant, we cannot guarantee any specific seating requests. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

How can I use my o ya gift card?

o ya gift card authentication can only be done in house at the time of your reservation. Please bring your gift card with you for validation. You will be refunded the amount of your gift certificate to the credit card used to pre-pay for your omakase.

o ya gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. o ya gift cards are not valid for use at any of our affiliate businesses.

What beverages do you offer?

o ya's alcoholic beverage listings include a curated selection of wine, sake, beer, Japanese whiskey, and Japanese shochu. Although we do have a full liquor license, o ya does not have a cocktail bar and, consequently, we do not carry most spirits.

Non-alcoholic beverages such as water, tea, soda, and zero-proof wine & beer are available.

Beverages are offered both by the glass and by the bottle. Payment for beverages will be taken at the end of your meal. You must provide payment that evening for any additions to the omakase. Your credit card on file cannot be charged by proxy.

Can I order additional food items?

Yes! o ya offers seasonal supplementary dishes that may be added on to your omakase. These dishes are intended to be add-ons, not substitutions, to our omakase menu.

If there is an item from your omakase that you would like a second order of please inform your server so they can check availability with our chefs.

What is the difference between your Omnivorous, Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan Omakase menus?

Features primarily seafood, including, but not limited to: fin fish, shellfish, and roe. May also include fruits, vegetables, chicken eggs, dairy, and meat such as beef, chicken, foie gras, and pork.

Features primarily seafood, including, but not limited to: fin fish, shellfish, and roe. May also include fruits, vegetables, chicken eggs and dairy.

Features primarily fruits and vegetables and may include animal byproducts such as chicken eggs, dairy, and honey.

Features primarily fruits and vegetables and does NOT include any animal byproducts such as chicken eggs, dairy, and honey.

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page.